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Rene Skylar

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Rene Skylar

Post by Rene Skylar on Mon Mar 23, 2009 3:13 pm

My god, looking at all my old character I'm like: Wtf? I was THAT shite?

Anyway, here's Rene Skylar, here for a good ol' kickin'

Name: Renero “Rene” Skylar
Title: The Lost Orphan
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Date Of Birth: 26th of January
Job: Mercenary
Theme Songs:
Chasing cars - Snow Patrol
Stay Together For the Kids - Blink 182
Rockstar - Nickleback


Rene Skylar is a young tall man who has a lot on his conscious. His eyes are startling blue and his eyebrows are brown and slim. He has small ears and a small nose. He has regular sized mouth which is slightly pink. He has a medium sized frame and powerful but not at all overly sized muscles

Hair Colour: Light brown
Hair style: Medium length spiky
Eye colour: Startlingly blue
Height: 5 feet and 11 inches tall
Weight: 190 lbs
Complexion: Caucasian, but slightly darker because most of his work is outside under the sun.
Build: Rene is strong and his muscles are moderately defined. His parents died when he was a baby and he was taken to an orphanage in the country, because of this he learned to walk for a long time meaning he can journey for quite some time.

Attire: Rene usually wears his travelling clothes when he journeys and in battle, his clothes consists of:
A white vest worn underneath a red sleeveless jacket.
Baggy blue pants.
White trainers.

His formal clothing, which he wears at occasions that require him to look smart consists of:
A black tuxedo, nothing special, just your everyday black tuxedo.

Personality: Rene is an energetic young man who can be very naïve and reckless and more times than not he will run into battle without thinking about the consequences. He is a very proud man and will fight anyone so long as it is head on and a fair fight, he hates anyone who uses trickery to fight. He is also very good natured and can earn the trust of most people. Whenever there is a girl he likes he is often shy around them and easily distracted.

Weaponry: Guardian Blade - This is his primary weapon. He inherited this from his family. The blade itself is around 150 cm long and the hilt is around 20 cm long, the blade’s width is around 15cm thick. It is extremely sharp and he carries it on his back.
It’s main element is fire.

Hiruya - A gun. This is Rene’s long range and usually his back-up. He hates using it but he will if he has to. The gun is the same length as a sawn-off shotgun except it has a quicker reloading time and shoots faster and further. The handle is blood red with a lion design on it. He carries this on his right thigh in a holster.
It’s main element is thunder

Rene prefers fire magic which is why most of his magic is fire based but he also has a small selection of white magic.

Cure - Everyone knows what cure does Very Happy
Cura - Same as above
Fire - A basic ball of flame strikes the enemy
Fira - A stronger version of fire
Firaga - The strongest version of fire.
Flame shots - This is basically either fire, fira or firaga casts mulitple times in rapid succession.
Explosion - Causes an explosion next to the enemy and can cause massive damage

Skill and abilities:

Abilities – Most of Rene’s attacks are swordsmanship based and therefore are all just pure skill and don’t need energy or any other form of energy to use but the few that do require energy use Mana. His skills are as follows:

Jump Slash - This skill is similar to Cloud’s Braver but instead of jumping then slashing he will charge forward and jump and slash at the same time. Most of the time Rene uses this as a finisher against larger fiends

Blade Storm - This attack is when Rene will charge at the enemy and slash the person several times in quick succession. He often uses this in a close, intense battle with an extremely good swordsman as it will usually wear them down quickly

Whirlwind Blade - This attack is used when he’s surrounded, in one quick slash he twirls his blade around his body slashing everyone around him.

Gunman’s Blitz - Using his gun he will jump into the air and shoot as many times as possible at a single powerful monster or several people.

Flame Shot - Using magic and his gun he will fire at the enemy with a bullet with fire magic casted on it.


When he was only a baby his parents were murdered by bandits, somehow Rene was saved and taken to an orphanage in Asei Village, as he grew up there he learnt the ways of the swordsman from a teacher called Anerro Lingham. When he was 15 Anerro was slain in battle when he enlisted to fight in the Seseu army against Albadran Empire. Ever since then he has journeyed, trying to find his own way in life.

Ambitions: Ever since he was young he has wanted to become the worlds greatest swordsman. It is also his dream to become a hero.

Fears: The only thing that scares Rene is the possibility of losing someone he is close to.

Likes: Rene loves to read books, he also likes forests and quiet, a side effect of living in the foresty terrain of Asei Village.

Dislikes; Scumbags and thieves, anyone who uses trickery to fight and backstabbers.

First impressions: When most people meet Rene for the first time they are usually put off by his brightness, he can often appear too naïve or self-confident for some people, but most of the time people like him because of his gentle nature and kind heartedness.
Rene Skylar

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Re: Rene Skylar

Post by Tidus on Mon Mar 23, 2009 4:12 pm

Accepted Rene
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Re: Rene Skylar

Post by Juss on Tue Mar 24, 2009 1:59 am

Well it's not as good as your newer chars Very Happy But it is fairly decent and that why is ACCEPTED as Chris already told Wink
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Re: Rene Skylar

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