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Lucia Seraphina {Tiefling} {Allocai}

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Lucia Seraphina {Tiefling} {Allocai}

Post by Dusk Aerilius on Mon Apr 17, 2017 10:41 pm

Name: Lucia Seraphina
Age: Appears 20
Alignment: NE?
Race: Tiefling
Skin color: Light Red with gold scales
Facial Characteristics: Soft facial features, two white horns that begin above her eyebrows and point up and back, solid black eyes

 *Demonic Resistance: Small resistance to cold, fire, and electricity.
 *Limited Blindsense to 30'
 *Soul Seer: By forming close bonds with allies, can monitor their vitals and effectively see them
 *Sharp golden claws for unarmed attacks
 *Scaled Skin: Thick golden scales cover much of her body, protecting her vital organs.

 *Merciful: Will not leave a foe to suffer. She will heal them or kill them if they can't be healed.
 *War Visions: At the site of a battle or a place where many have died, is plagued by hallucinations and visions of people that have been killed.

Temperment: Merciful to a fault, sometimes putting her at odds with the company she is typically with. Redeemable? (maybe)

Job Class: Oracle
Traits: Cursed or blessed by a deity, Oracles are granted powers without their choosing, wielding powers they may not fully understand. While some may see the powers as a gift, others may see them as a curse.

 *Healing Hands: Lucia's touch can quickly heal small wounds.
 *Benevolence: In times of dire need, Lucia can sacrifice a portion of her own life force to heal her allies' more grievous injuries.
 *Overheal: As Lucia continues to heal her allies, she gains a glowing aura that increases her healing abilities.
 *Shell of Succor: Grants an ally a well of bonus life force.
 *Cleanse: Heals the target from poisons or infection.
 *Share Affliction: If targeted with a negative condition, Lucia can choose to accept the effects, granting her and the caster the condition.
 *Energy Body: When under the effects of Overheal, Lucia can consume her aura to become a golden elemental, burning foes that strike her and healing allies within 5' of her.
 *Life: Raises an ally from death, with 1/4 of their life force.


History: Lucia was cursed at a young age by an unknown force. It blinded her and granted her visions of the deaths of those emotionally close to her, namely her father. She was forced to watch them die repeatedly, with no way of controlling her visions. Unable to even see her own face in a mirror, or that of any others she was close to, Lucia's mind started to crack, and those close to her started to keep their distance, fearing they would also be cursed. She spent most of her life trapped in visions of death, watching the same people die, some in gruesome manners. Eventually she learned to gain a semblance of control over the visions, enough to sleep. She also found that as she started to gain more control, she could sense the world around her much more than she could before, even if at a limited distance. With her close family and friends forsaking her entirely, she eventually left her home and travelled, searching every shrine she came upon to ask every priest and priestess if they could help her. She was turned away at almost every one, as people feared her demonic looking form. As time passed, she realized that she would never be accepted by normal people, and resigned herself to aid those who might strike back against those who turned her away when she needed them most.

Weapons: Lucia carries a white Willow Cane
Dusk Aerilius
Dusk Aerilius

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Re: Lucia Seraphina {Tiefling} {Allocai}

Post by Captain Jack on Mon Apr 17, 2017 10:58 pm


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