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Dydra Miglos {Human}{Eternia}

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Dydra Miglos {Human}{Eternia}

Post by Mari Bryn on Mon Apr 17, 2017 1:18 pm

Name: Dydra Miglos
Age: 25
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Race: Human

Job Class: Dancer
-Traits: Dancers are primarily entertainers, using their skills to entice people to split with their coin, but because of their training they can make very fluid fighters.  Their movements can distract their opponents as they strike with unexpected swiftness.
Stutter step- With fancy foot work she is able to dodge attacks more effectively.
Quick step-Doubles movement speed for a short period of time.
Spectral Jig- Her movements are so subtle she seems almost invisible and gains a boost to sneaking.
Sabre Dance- Her blows rain down at a rapid rate, two in the time a person could normally make one, with a flow and rhythm tha makes it difficult for opponents to defend themselves or attack her.
Trance- Her movements are enticing, distracting those around her, all they can focus on is the dance.
Curing waltz- briefly boosts the health of allies nearby
Victory Dance -A raucous celebratory dance, disheartening opponents and giving a second wind to allies.
Vistani Curse- The Vistani can verbally curse an enemy, the curse cannot directly kill but can hinder or disfigure an enemy.

Height: 5’6
Weight: 130
Hair: Auburn, long
Eyes: very dark brown, almost appear black.

She is a fairly attractive individual, but it’s the way she moves that grabs the most attention, lithe, like a young tree swaying in the breeze.  Those who find women attractive tend to find their eyes drawn to her.  She tends to have a smile on her face as if she has a delightful secret she refuses to tell.  She is usually barefoot unless the terrain is particularly rough or it’s particularly cold.  She wears silver bells on her ankles, and a scarf with small silver coins that can jingle.  When she dances the bells set the rhythm, when she wants attention a tap of her foot or a twitch of her hips can draw notice, but when she wants to be silent she moves in a way as to not disturb them.  She also had a bag of holding at her waist, “given” to her by a mage she once seduced.

Dydra is not originally from this world.  Her people, the Vistani, are able to use the mists of their homeland to travel between worlds.  When she was 7 Dydra got separated from her tribe when something upset the mists, some cataclysm in the multiverse. She found herself ripped away from her world and in a refugee camp outside of Lanatha, recently destroyed.  There were plenty of orphans running around and Dydra took up with them before finding a group of merchants who would travel from town to town selling to, repairing for, and entertaining the people there.  Their traveling lifestyle reminded her enough of home she went with them, first as an unwanted tag-a-long but eventually as an asset as her skills in dancing increased.  There was no real bond there though, they used her to earn coin and eventually, against her will, for personal pleasure.  Dydra felt betrayed, she had thought of these people like family and all they did was use her.  One night, as the patriarch of the group lay passed out beside her after roughly having his way, she slit his throat and slipped out of camp.  She was done serving others, now was the time to serve herself so she set off looking for pleasure and searching for the mists that would let her travel home and beyond again.

Limit Break:
Evil eye: A potent curse driving fear into the heart of her enemies, they could be paralyzed or driven mad with fear.

Sabre- an elegant blade richly engraved.  She often works it into her performances deftly twirling it about, many think it’s just a prop but the blade is strong and very sharp.
Small sharp knife she keeps strapped to her thigh.

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Re: Dydra Miglos {Human}{Eternia}

Post by Captain Jack on Mon Apr 17, 2017 3:45 pm


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