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Allocai World Guidelines

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Allocai World Guidelines

Post by Captain Jack on Sun Apr 16, 2017 9:59 pm

The world of Allocai is based upon the Dungeons and Dragon Worlds of Faerun and Erebor, and the Pathfinder world of Golorian. In such case as it is a set world please follow these guidelines when creating characters and world/lore building.

Characters: Each character must follow these rules to be accepted:

Classes: Only classes set in the DnD worlds and Pathfinder will be approved, as such no things like super saiyans or Black Mages (thats a wizard in this world) or along those lines are accepted. This is a high fantasy setting, while some technology exists it should be approved beforehand.

Races: Only the races of the DnD worlds and Pathfinder will be approved. Fear not DnD is the godfather of all tabletop games and created many of the races that fantasy games are based off of.  For a complete list find the Pathfinder Races Here:

and the DnD races here:

*Note that constructs are an approved race.

You may create a subset such as half-giant or half-Troll with permission from Admin team, However they will be a subset race, often appearing as a lone tribe.

Lore: Please visit the Timeline of Allocai to see where in the timeline of the world we are in.

Pantheon: The pantheon is solely from the Pathfinder world, Dead gods are dead or dying, please contact Magnus or Jack for clarification on Gods and goddesses in the realm of Allocai

Worldbuilding: Please ask Jack directly if you wish to have an area added. He is building and expanding the world as you explore it.

Believe that any thing you Imagine. You can make it Real

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