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Post by Mistdrake on Sun Apr 16, 2017 8:47 pm

Name: Galruug
Age: 240(roughly equivalent to his early 30s)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Race: Frost Man
Race Creation: (If applicable)
-Name of Race: Frost Men
-Skin color: Mostly White
-Facial Characteristics: A very rough and rugged looking face, often covered by a large beard and long hair Their eyes usually appear somewhat small on their face and often hold a wisdom beyond their years.
-Other Characteristics:In addition to their massive size, adults usually being between 8 and 10 feet, they are also easily identified by the pair of horns protruding from their heads, typically viewed as a status symbol, some will carve intricate patterns into their horns.
-Strengths:  The main strength of the Frost Men is their physical size and strength, making them easily capable of facing more than one man at a time. Beyond their size however, they have no real special abilities.
-Weaknesses: The Frost Men have an extreme aversion to fire, the reason for this has been lost to all but the oldest of Varl, but what is known is that even a small flame can send even the mightiest warrior into a fit of fear.
-Temperment: Though typical a very war like race, some Varl have been known to be rather tame and domestic.
-History:Hailing from frozen regions of Allocai, long ago there were truly giants, towering above even some of the largest buildings. Over the generations however, these giants somehow mixed with humans and, as a result, their size decline until they were only a few feet taller than most men, though their horns remained from their olden form. They are a race that is predominantly male and females are a rare and protected thing among their society. Most of them live in isolated and walled communities, though some of them do travel out in smaller war bands.

Job Class: Berserker(barbarian)

Cull the Weak-Galruug enter a rage stat in which he begins to swing his axes widely, the speed and ferocity of these strikes are not with his full strength at first, but the more targets he swings at, the stronger his swings.
Bear Rage-Galruug lets forth a terrifying animalistic shout, sending those that hear it into a state of shaken panic, lowering their defensive abilities.
Frenzy-Galruug is always in a somewhat angered state, so sometimes when he strikes, if anyone is close enough, be they friend or foe, he will follow up and strike them too.
Armor Ripper-A specialized strike designed specifically to tear through the armor of an opponent, these strikes typically don't do much damage to flesh however.
Bloody Fist-When facing an unarmored foe, Galruug can channel his rage into one powerful punch capable of going through flesh and bone if it hits, if it misses however, Galruug is left open to a counter attack.
Fearless Rage-By focusing, Galruug can temporarily become immune to being shaken or frightened, be it from a truly terrifying foe or fire.
Inspire Ferocity-Galruug can rally his men to share his reckless ambition in combat for a short while.

History:Born into a fairly well off family in his society, Galruug was raised to be a leader of his people. He always excelled in combat studies growing up, though when it came to learning diplomacy he suffered, and others noticed this flaw. When Galruug began to come of age for become a leader, his peers orchestrated a plot to remove him from power and got him exiled. As a sign of dishonor, his horns were removed and he was cast out, never to return. Rage built in Galruug as he plotted revenge, though while he was in exile, he realized that, while being the leader of the Frost Men would be satisfying, he could gain more power by building an army from all the strongest warriors he could find, whether they were willing to join his cause or not.

Weapons:Two heavy war axes, the handles of which were carved from his horns after they were ceremoniously removed during his exile.
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Re: Galruug(Allocai)

Post by Mari Bryn on Mon Apr 17, 2017 1:20 pm

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