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Solomon Maddox {Gria} {Eternia}

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Solomon Maddox {Gria} {Eternia}

Post by Dusk Aerilius on Sat Apr 15, 2017 4:42 pm

Name: Solomon Maddox
Age: 38
Alignment: CG
Race: Gria
Skin color: Tan (skin-tone)
Facial Characteristics: Sharp facial features, chiseled and slightly scruffy
Other Characteristics: Long, wild/messy Dark Blue-Green hair, short pointed horns barely visible under his hair above his ears, pointing up and slightly back

 *Can fly short distances, better for gliding or slowing his descent
 *Lean but very muscled
 *Usually very level headed and protective of his allies
 *High magic resistance and strength
 *Very strong willed
 *Friendly rivalry with Zion, can get himself or the both of them in trouble
 *Sometimes overconfident
 *While strong, not well versed in actual physical combat
 *Insomniac, needs sleep or becomes irritable
 *Cowering oaf around female Gria (will try to act tough for friends)
Temperment: Adventurous and cocky, but kindhearted
History: Travels with Zion, brother-like rivalry

Job Class: Summoner
Traits: Summons powerful Eidolons to fight in his place, lends support to the eidolons and his allies.

 *Summon: Calls an Eidolon into battle previously defeated by Solomon. (currently: Carbuncle and Ifrit)
 *Aether Boost: Lowers physical defense to raise magic strength.
 *Shared Element: Gains slight elemental resistance matching active Eidolon.

 *Sustain: Sacrifices small amount of own life to grant Eidolon the effects of Regen.
 *Drain: Transfers enemy HP to Solomon. (damages when used against undead)
 *Osmose: Transfers enemy MP to Solomon.
 *Cure: Heals a small amount of target's HP.
 *Protect: Increases target's physical defense.

Weapons: Plain-looking Oak Staff

Appearance: Gria are a race similar to humans, but have dragon-like physical traits as well, such as his gray-green wings and sometimes horns. Solomon is a male Gria (rare to see outside of Gria villages as they are matriarchal), 6'10", 275, tall and muscled build, tan skin, typically speaks in short sentences and can be gruff when speaking to someone he doesn't know well. His hair is long and a dark shade of blue-green, past shoulder length, straight and messy with two gray horns barely visible at the top of his head. His facial structure is angular and chiseled, dark blue eyes, and slightly scruffy facial hair. He typically wears a white 'shirt', torn in several places (hardly a shirt by definition, as if his abs just 'happen to be exposed'), with black leather armor straps worn over. His pants are low riding, loose black pants that end at mid-calf and are tied at the bottoms, and he wears strange 'boot/sandals' that are more gray footwraps that cover the bottoms of his feet, but not the tops. He wears fingerless black gloves, and carries an Oak Staff.

History: Solomon fled from from his Gria homeland upon reaching adulthood, unhappy with the matriarchal society, wanting to explore and adventure instead. Upon leaving, he found it much easier than he expected. He was tall among humans and intimidated most without trying. He'd made it this far because of his magic, not his physical might, but found he didn't mind being a little intimidating every now and then. He also found he very much liked attention from females who weren't the Gria he was used to. These ladies were much less fearsome. Fairly early in his travels he met who would become his closest friend and ally, Zion. A male viera, someone who could at least somewhat understand the matriarchal society he'd fled from, and wielder of strange magic Solomon had never seen. Together they travelled, vowing to become stronger than the other, but at the same time aiding eachother. If Solomon heard tell of an enemy using a unique skill, he would help his friend hunt it down. And if Zion heard the place of an Eidolon Solomon hadn't yet fought, he'd lead him to it. (and watch Solomon get his ass kicked by a small Carbuncle)

Limit Break: ~Enkindle~ Solomon pours vast amounts of aether into his Eidolon, fueling a very powerful attack, specific to each one.

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Re: Solomon Maddox {Gria} {Eternia}

Post by Captain Jack on Sat Apr 15, 2017 6:06 pm


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