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Atnem Mackey {Human}{Eternia}

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Atnem Mackey {Human}{Eternia}

Post by Atnem on Fri Apr 14, 2017 2:41 pm

Name: Atnem Mackey

Age: It's complicated. Looks to be in his late 20's.

Alignment: Lawful-Neutral

Race: Human

Job Class: Paladin


Time Heals All Wounds
Atnem's touch heals any recently-sustained wounds, as if turning back time.

Atnem's gods may grant him more abilities as he proves himself worthy. Until then, he relies on his skill with the blade.


History: Once an overwhelmingly powerful hero of time, Atnem has fallen from grace. His gods stripped him of his power and froze him in time. After what felt like eons of self-reflection in isolation, Atnem has returned to the flow of time more disciplined than before. He hopes to regain his gods' trust and regain his power as a protector of time.

Limit Break:
Atnem thrusts his sword into the ground, tearing a hole in time. For one minute, until the sand in the sword's hourglass runs out, any nearby foes are held down by a strong gravitational force. They find it incredibly difficult to even walk, making them much easier targets.

An hourglass is forged into the hilt.

Rarely used in combat.

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Re: Atnem Mackey {Human}{Eternia}

Post by Mari Bryn on Thu Apr 20, 2017 3:26 pm

Mari Bryn
Mari Bryn

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