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Belmir Faedove {Half-Elf Bard} {Allocai}

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Belmir Faedove {Half-Elf Bard} {Allocai}

Post by Dusk Aerilius on Thu Apr 13, 2017 9:45 pm

Name: Belmir Faedove
Age: 72 (appears late 20's)
Alignment: NG
Race: Half-Elf
Skin color: Light Skin
Facial Characteristics: Very fair, light green eyes, golden blond hair
Other Characteristics: 5'6", 135, very graceful
 *Sings with a clear, beautiful voice
 *Very charismatic and always polite
 *Can play almost any instrument given to him
 *Very knowledeable and well traveled
 *Can imbue songs with magical effects

 *Very frail with only limited rapier capability
 *Will try to talk his way out of any confrontation
 *Overly trusting
 *Hates physical labor and will try to pawn it off on anyone else he can
 *Will sleep with anyone. (no matter how elegent he acts, anyone...)

Temperment: Acts very elegantly when possible, always a peacemaker, apologizes a lot
History: Travelling Bard looking for heroes to write songs about

Job Class: Bard
Traits: Always a song for every occasion, supports allies, and pacifies even the largest beasts or strives to shatter their morale.
 *Charming Melody: Plays a song to incite targets to act more friendly to Belmir and his allies.
 *Rejuvenating Rhapsody: A soft chorus that closes small wounds and soothes the spirit.
 *Swift Etude: A light piccolo march enhancing movement speed.
 *Villainous Threnody: A somber harp piece, breaking the morale of foes who hear it and inspiring allies to strike more forcefully.
 *Angel's Lullaby: A soothing flute/harp chorus that lulls the target to sleep.

 *Prestidigitation: Can perform a small magic trick
 *Mending: Mends basic items (clothes, weapons, instruments)
 *Comprehend Languages: Can understand spoken and written languages

Weapons: Beautifully crafted silver Rapier (about as useful as a conductor's wand to him as he has very basic knowledge on how to use it)

Appearance: Belmir is a small framed half-elf, fair skin, golden blond shoulder length hair, light green eyes, and short pointed ears. He dresses as a typical traveller, (plus a light scarf and a wide, feathered hat) but always keeps his clothes very clean. He typically wears clothes in light shades of greens and browns, and carries a harp, flute, piccolo, and small guitar everywhere he goes. Belmir also carries a very beautiful silver rapier at his hip. He walks gracefully and will bow and smile upon first meeting to everyone he meets.

History: From a young age, Belmir was known throughout Bh'aam for his voice and overall musical capability. His mother (human) raised him and was initially very proud of him, pushing him toward ever more prestigious performances. Little did he know, he was making significant gold for each performance, which his mother used to move up the ranks of society. He never questioned it, as he genuinely loved performing for the people who would hear him, as well as his mother who had raised him. As time passed and he grew older, he wanted to travel like the Bards he read about and find true heroes to write new songs about, but his mother would hear nothing of it. He was to stay and perform because 'she needed him'. After a couple more years passed and he became a man, he was no longer willing to sit and waste away doing the same performances night after night. He packed the instruments he could carry, his favorite hat, and the rapier a noble had gifted him, and left after night fell. He travelled to surrounding villages and towns, finding life outside of the city gates a bit more difficult, but not impossible, performing new songs to new people for his food and lodgings. He has yet to return to his home city, but hasn't actually travelled from it as far yet as he'd like to.
Dusk Aerilius
Dusk Aerilius

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Re: Belmir Faedove {Half-Elf Bard} {Allocai}

Post by Captain Jack on Fri Apr 14, 2017 11:56 am


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