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Zeke Malrune {Yuke} {Eternia}

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Zeke Malrune {Yuke} {Eternia}

Post by Dusk Aerilius on Thu Apr 13, 2017 4:21 pm

Name: Zeke Malrune
Age: 217 (?)
Height: 5'4"
Alignment: NG
Race: Yuke
Skin color: Copper and Black
Facial Characteristics: Facial armor looks almost birdlike, long metal "beak". No discernable eyes, and ends of mouth are almost drawn up in a smile.
Other Characteristics: Very metallic, somewhat childlike voice, small metal wings shaped like bat's wings (doesn't serve for actual flying), walks surprisingly gracefully, small metal pointed boots.

 *Can replace broken or bent armor pieces if hurt
 *Doesn't need to breathe
 *Very intelligent
 *Fiercly optimistic
 *Immune to poisons and mind-affecting abilities

 *Bizarre sense of humor
 *Overconfident at times and can act impulsively
 *Can lecture forever about things he knows (whether or not anyone actually asked)
 *Curious to a fault
 *Terrified of water (anything larger than a small pool or that he can't see the bottom of)

Temperment: Optimistic and childlike, peacemaker

History: Zeke doesn't remember much about his childhood.

Job Class: Time Mage

Traits: Ability to speed up or slow the passage of time and small control of gravitational pull.

 *Immunity to Slow: Can't be affected by Slow.
 *Staff Time: Zeke can strike more quickly than the average staff user, striking multiple times in the blink of an eye.
 *Temporal Attunement: When resting, Zeke quickly regenerates his magic reserves, building back to full within 3 posts of non-combat.

 *Slow: Slows the target's actions
 *Haste: Speeds the target's actions
 *Stop: Stops target in time for a few seconds (only useable when using pocketwatch)
 *Repel: Pushes the target away from Zeke
 *Comet: Call a small comet from the heavens (often misses, but more accurate when target is slowed, near guaranteed when target is stopped)

Limit Break: ~Astral Stasis~ Stops the flow of time for everything near Zeke and allows complete maneuverability in the space affected.
Weapons: Staff crafted by Zeke out of random pieces of metal and gears, he calls it his "Pendulum Staff"
Scroll of Disruption-Magic scroll can disrupt most magics when cast

Appearance: Small statured and made mostly of copper with black mesh pieces.

History: Zeke doesn't remember much about his life until his 'grandfather' found him. He was in dire need of repair and looked to have been near death. His grandfather, Jonathas, repaired him and helped him regain some of his memories over many years, and taught him the magic he knew after Zeke found his books and learned some on his own. He had an instant recognizeable talent in time magic, and learned everything he could from Jonathas. As Jonathas was a human and already old when he found Zeke, he taught him how to live on his own and prepared him for life after he was gone. Zeke didn't understand death and was very confused when Jonathas first died, and looked through all of his books day and night to try to find out what had happened. He eventually came to learn what death meant, and collected his grandfather's prized pocket watch, the staff he'd made himself, and set off toward the first village he found. The people were afraid of him at first and wouldn't let him into their town, but the children warmed up to him. After the villagers spoke with him, he was allowed to live among them, where he did for some years. Zeke's natural curiousity of the world led him to eventually travel though, so he travels in search of new friends and more powerful magic.

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Dusk Aerilius
Dusk Aerilius

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Re: Zeke Malrune {Yuke} {Eternia}

Post by Captain Jack on Thu Apr 13, 2017 5:03 pm


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