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Cyth Deepstead (Human) (Eternia)

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Cyth Deepstead (Human) (Eternia)

Post by Twitch on Wed Apr 12, 2017 12:49 am

Name: Cyth Deepstead

Age: 28

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Race: Human

Skin color: Caucasian (Tan-ish)

Facial Characteristics: Has a zipper for his right eye. Very long, narrow face. Sharp features.

Other Characteristics: His build is the definition of 'bean-pole.' Gangling. He stands at about 6'4", weighs 160lbs. Brown hair in a low ponytail that falls to the bottom of his shoulder blades. His remaining eye is brown.

-Strengths: Extremely skilled with making and using guns, very talented pianist, fast and dexterous, essentially has a bag of holding in his right eye (though the drawback is it only hold items small enough to fit through an eye socket.)

-Weaknesses: Has no depth perception due to only having one eye, and because of that (among many other problems) he's at a huge disadvantage in hand-to-hand combat. Further hindering him in this is his lack of vision and hearing on his right side (though Hoppalong can help a bit with that).

-Temperament: Can be arrogant and abrasive, but once befriended he is loyal to friends, laid-back, and has a good sense of humor. Known to be stubborn and will fight to the end for a cause if he believes in it strongly enough. His temper can make him rush into things without accessing risks vs. benefits.

-History: Cyth comes from a family of seven, being the second oldest of five children. As soon as he turned eighteen he left home to pursue a lifestyle more to his liking. He's living as a mercenary/adventurer for hire. He's discovered he likes the mental challenge some dungeons posses, and the adrenaline rush doesn't hurt, either. Due to a spell going awry while working for a powerful mage, Cyth lost his right eye and most of the hearing in his right ear. In place of the eye, he now has a tiny pocket dimension held shut with a zipper.  Right now, he's back bouncing from job to job, enjoying the freedom this lifestyle affords him.

-Other: Owns a three-legged dog named Hoppalong. Hop is trained to walk on Cyth's right side to help compensate for his lack of vision and hearing on that side. Cyth is extremely protective of Hop.

Job Class: Machinist

All his skills lie in ranged combat, keen aiming, and sarcasm. None of them really have names, though I can come up with some if it's needed. He only gains a slight affinity for air magic once his limit break is triggered.


(May tweak this later so he fits in a bit more with the Final Fantasy vibe)

Limit Break(Eternia Only):

Aero Break – In times of great stress, Cyth can infuse his bullets with extremely precise air magic to curve them and make them hit things they normally wouldn’t be able to. As an alternate option, he can use it to boost his speed or fly for short distances.

Weapons: Two pistols (though he's constantly looking to expand his armory). Also dabbles in explosives when he can get his hands on them. Always keeps a lighter on him somewhere. Keeps a switchblade in his right boot, just in case.

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Re: Cyth Deepstead (Human) (Eternia)

Post by Mari Bryn on Wed Apr 12, 2017 7:54 am

If we need to add skills later, we will APPROVED
Mari Bryn
Mari Bryn

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