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History of the Akashi

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History of the Akashi

Post by Captain Jack on Mon Apr 10, 2017 6:16 pm

Though there are many races and civilizations throughout the world, none contains as much mystery or has greater impact than the great Akashi.

The Akashi civilization began long ago from a barbarian tribe out in the wilds. Over time they flourished erecting great buildings, temples to the gods towering above grand cities, the Akashi expanded and explored the continent of Allocai, spreading further, all the way to Bh'am.

In these glorious times the Akashi gave great honor to the dead. Their tombs were fit for kings, the dead were adorned with fine clothing, precious metals, and gemstones. Even the lowliest of folk was given a magnificent burial upon death.

For many years the empire grew. Wars brought great glory and plunder to the Akashi, the mystics expanded their knowledge promising a wonderful afterlife for all who followed.

The Akashi shined, meticulously crafted and adorned with gold the cities were jewels of Allocia, beacons of prosperity to all who beheld them. It seemed as if nothing could tarnish this glittering land. Until the spell plague.

No one knew where the spell plague came from, but it ravaged the land. Magic ran unfettered, even the simplest of spells cast by the most skillful magic user could have disastrous consequences. Magical forces would randomly coalesce unleashing devastation across the land, and then dissipate like the mist. Cities were destroyed, many people died. Magic was no longer benevolent force in the world, it was wild and untrusted.

As quickly as the plague came it left. Leaving behind destruction and remnants of great evil. The Akashi worked quickly, carefully working to seal the great evils into the tombs. Now the radiant memorials to lives gone were guardians against another cataclysm. The dead, once laid to rest with much splendor now guard their own tombs, protecting them from prying eyes. Keeping the evil contained, and intruders out.

This is the legacy of the Akashi now. A legacy of beauty marred by destruction. A legacy of honor turned to defense.

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