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Alexander Brighton {Human} {Eternia}

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Alexander Brighton {Human} {Eternia}

Post by Magnus Caine on Mon Apr 10, 2017 5:02 pm

Name: Alexander Brighton
Age: 21
Alignment: Neutral Good
Race: Human
Race Creation: (If applicable)
-Name of Race:
-Skin color:
-Facial Characteristics:
-Other Characteristics:
-Strengths:  (can breath fire, electrical touch, flying ect) Limit 5 please
-Weaknesses: Curiosity, Naïveté, and, if you can shut off his material, he's just a decently trained fighter, nothing more.
-Temperment: (ie. war like, peaceful)
-Other: (optional)
Job Class: Magicite Knight

Job Class Creation: (if Applicable)
-Name of Job Class: Magicite Knight
-Traits:(what makes this class unique.) Specializing in the use of materia, these knights can draw out their hidden strengths much quicker than most other users of said magic stones. Even having the ability to fuse materia into themselves, instead of only having weapons and armor to fasten them into.
-Skills: Create Five Specific to your class.
 - Materia Infusion - the ability to 'junction' materia into your body instead of a weapon or piece of armor (Think Khadaj in FFVII: Advent Children)
 - Sense Magicite - The ability to sense the presence of, and, through further concentration, identify the exact location and type of Materia and Magicite.
 - Advanced Growth - Due to their close nature with Materia/Magicite, while slotted into a weapon or piece of armor, or infused into the knight, Materia seems to grow much faster than it would otherwise.
 - Magicite Backlash - When encountering an opponent who uses materia, after it has been identified using Sense Magicite, the MK can cause an enemies materia/magicite to erupt in a painful backlash. (The more powerful the materia, the more painful the backlash)
 - More than just Magic - Due to their connection and knowledge of Materia, Magicite Knights can get more use out of the stones than just adding spells to their repertoire. (I.E. A fire materia in his sword add some fire damage to his attacks. The materia that is infused into his body can be used in this manor, but it has a much more limited function. A Fire materia fused into him would cause his punches and kicks to add some fire damage, but not add to his sword.)

Skills/Spells: The skills of a Magicite Knight, a little bit of luck, and some martial training. While he isn't a trained fighter, during his adventures and misadventures he has picked up a few tricks. Also Thunder, Blizzard, and Fire, thanks to the three materia he has in his possession right now.

Appearance: Sandy blonde hair and light grey eyes. 5'11'' and 185 lbs. He's always got a smile on his face and a jump in his step.

History: Alexander was young when both of his parents passed away. By the age of 5 he didn't have any family and he didn't have anywhere to go. Wandering the streets of Junon, he never really found a place to belong. It wasn't long before he began to resort to less than savory tactics to survive. Looking back on it now, Alexander regrets every pie he stole, every gil he filched, and every lie he told. Alas, you cannot change the past. It was for the best though, because had he not been such a vagabond, he would have never been caught, at the age of 8, by Patrick Brighton, a guardsmen well past his prime. Instead of turning the little thief in, he brought Alexander to his home and fed him the first home cooked meal he had ever had... at least first meal that had ever been cooked for him. It didn't take long for Alexander to latch on to Patrick, and Patrick felt the same way. Everything seemed to be going well. Patrick taught Alexander how one should act, how to be a good person, and helped him get on the path to redeeming himself of the crimes he committed while simply trying to survive. Alas, the good benefactor was old, and it was only a matter of time. One winter, the old soldier fell ill, and simply never recovered. That was the coldest January Alexander ever remembers. Deciding he was old enough now, Alex left Junon, not willing to stay there anymore, as it reminded him too much of death, and he decided to make his own way in the world. Becoming a self proclaimed adventurer and treasure hunter, he put himself to task. Sometimes he worked with people, and sometimes he went solo, but it was then that he found out about Materia, and what it could do. Not having any talent with magic, he was, of course, fascinated by the stuff. Upon acquiring his first orb, he set about using it, relying on it more than even his own ability to fight. It was during this time that he joined a rather odd adventuring party, called the Iron Chocobos, and in this party was a Nu Mou by the name of Rem. Upon seeing young Alexander's penchant, and love of materia, Rem decided to teach Alexander how to be a Magicite Knight. Wandering knights who are able to pull the fullest potential out of the magic stones. Alexander was a natural. He studied day and night, and soon, he had learned all that Rem was able to teach him. After their partnership ended, Alex bid the Iron Chocobos farewell and went back on his solo career, much more capable and more worldly. He began his quest to hunt down and master as many materia as he could find, and hopefully acquire insurmountable riches along the way.

Limit Break(Eternia Only): Master of Materia - Alexander loses himself in the energy of the magic stones, and is able to activate all of his materia without limit.

Weapons: A halberd, two daggers, and his three materia (Fire, Thunder, and Blizzard) time materia

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Re: Alexander Brighton {Human} {Eternia}

Post by Captain Jack on Mon Apr 10, 2017 5:13 pm


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