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Allocai Region Holdings Report

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Allocai Region Holdings Report

Post by Captain Jack on Sat Apr 08, 2017 11:55 pm

I King Teberius Thane the 4th Do hereby claim the following cities being held by the Allocai Empire.

Allocia City: The city sits between the two forks of a great river. The school of Sorcerous Arts is a beacon for academics and sages while the Monastery of the Eternal Lords is the destination for religious pilgrims with thousands flocking to Allocia each year. The Senate, elected by the citizens, and the court of aristocrats war openly for control of this great city.

Marhk: The trade center of Allocia, Marhk is the lifeline between the kingdom of Allocia and her neighbors. The merchant kingdoms of Bahm and Hallash are to the south, the Great Sea kingdoms to the east, and the Woodland kingdoms to the west. Marhk's authority stretches out far beyond it's walls with well maintained and patrolled roads stretching away across the lands.

Haremhall: Madame Aural presides over this city though it is ran by a council of women. It is a city of debauchery. Whores and Prostitutes make up the bulk of this cities economy, taverns come in a close second. Despite outward appearances the council keeps a firm grip, those who cause problems quickly find themselves cast out, or castrated.

Various other villages. (to be added.)

You may use these locations as a basis of a world for The Allocai RP.

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