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Wandering Alone {Open}

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Wandering Alone {Open}

Post by Codylycan on Wed Dec 19, 2012 8:55 pm

Lucas ducked behind another bush to reveal... only more forest. The boy sighed through his nose and pushed back his hair. Ever since leaving his home town in the desert, traveling alone had not been the easiest thing in the world. He had no notion on where he was going, or where the nearest town was. And any chance he had to speak with another person, always ended up with the other party ignoring him. Lucas had an idea why though. Not many of his own race, the lalafel, usually travel far outside their own villages. Thus, when Lucas ever had a chance to speak with someone they mistook him for a small child.

As irritating as it was to be pushed aside like this, Lucas still kept his head high. He knew a life of adventuring would mean trials to overcome, and this was only one of many. And on the bright side, Lucas still had Carbuncle his otherworldly friend to talk to. Granted, he was only able to talk to Carbuncle through dreamless nights or via his summoning ability, sadly that option only allowed for him to speak with the creature for a few minutes before it had to return to where it came.

For now Lucas had to rely on being alone. With his quarterstaff in hand, he began making his way through the forest again. The boy had been searching for some kind of village or life for a while now. He might have bypassed one or two by mistake a few times... in fact Lucas had the sinking suspicion he was going in deeper and deeper. "Maybe I should turn back..." he said aloud to no one particular.

Suddenly something moved out of the corner of Lucas's eye. He turned to face where the sound game, staff in both hands in a battle ready stance. Out of the bushes... leap a small field mouse. Its nose twitched in Lucas's general direction, and then the mouse scurried back into the foliage on the ground. The boy groaned inwardly and stood back up straight. This forest was defiantly getting to him.

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