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Lucas Mana

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Lucas Mana

Post by Codylycan on Mon Dec 17, 2012 11:42 pm

Name of your Character: Lucas Mana

Race: Lalafell Link

Age: 16

Personality: Lucas is a quiet and reserved. It takes a bit of socializing for him to completely open up to a person.

Appearance: Like most of the lalafell he is short in stature, standing at 3 feet 9 inches tall. He has shaggy silver hair, the back of it pulled up into a small pony-tail. And his eyes, while glossy due to his homeland, are a bright crimson red. His figure carries the same lalafell like athleticism. Lucas is usually seen in a dusty brown robe with green embroiders along the coat's cuffs and bottom, it has a single button in the middle keeping the two coat flaps together. Underneath he wears a green undershirt, which are always tucked in his brown slacks. And while his clothes seem a bit worse for wear, Lucas always tries to look decent, keeping his hair under control and the dirt clean from his face.

Weapons/Fighting Style: Lucas keeps a quarter staff made from a maple tree on hand. Not many would think this simple staff would cause much damage, but in Lucas's hands he makes it work. Because he is small, and like his race somewhat fast, he is able to run in and deal a few good blows before bowing out and defending himself.

Special Ability: Due to his past, Lucas has made a pact with a creature known as Carbuncle. This odd, blue fox with a rainbow aura has been at his side since childhood. When summoned Carbuncle uses his Ruby as a focus to blast away any enemies nearby. However as soon as his power is expended, Carbuncle returns to where ever he came forth from. This power Carbuncle uses is called "Searing Light". Lucas can only use his summoning ability a few times a day, for it causes a great drain on his body both mentally and physically.

Background: Deep in the Dalmascan Desert, stands a lone oasis. It is here where a small village of Lalafell had made their home. Lucas Mana, was one such Lalafell born here. His life since birth had been a fight for survival, not only from the desert's harsh environment, but from a strange illness that had plagued him since birth. When Lucas was born, he was very frail and weak. As such he had trouble walking at an early age. His muscles didn't develop as fast as other children and he was prone to any illness that would strike the small village.

One such time was when Lucas had just turned five. The poor boy didn't have the strength to get out of bed. He ran a high fever and no amount of medicine the local doctor could provide had any effect. It seemed that Lucas was doomed to die.

However, Lucas was doing his best to fight. One night, a harsh storm overtook the village. Lucas was sound asleep, and no amount of noise would rouse him. In the void of dreamless sleep, Lucas found a small spec of light. It drew him in, and soon the darkness funneled out into searing white. "Do you wish to live?" a voice asked in the light. Lucas didn't have the strength to say his answer, but his desire to live clearly reached out to this mysterious being. "I can help you, all you need to do is form a pact with me. I have been so very lonely... all I ask is that you be my friend.

The morning after the storm, Lucas's family found their son awake and well sitting in his bed. To his side was a glowing orb that seemed to be dissipating. When they asked Lucas only smiled and said. "It's nothing, just a new friend going back home for a while. He will be back!"

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Re: Lucas Mana

Post by Captain Jack on Tue Dec 18, 2012 12:39 am


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