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The Awakening

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The Awakening

Post by Sir Sephiroth on Sun Dec 16, 2012 12:31 am

The wind and snow, was blowing hard in the strongest blizzard that had ever been seen neat the city of Ancients. The blizzard had been blowing for the better of a year. And the worst that anyone had seen in ages. The Crater had been filled in, with layer upon layer of ice. Ice that was impenetrable and alive. Everything that walked into the storm, or made it to the crater, would freeze instantly.

But today, was different. The wind began to die down, the snow slowly giving way so that the sun could shine once more. But all the while, the sound of grinding could be heard for miles.

The snow and ice began to melt, around the City of Ancients. Allowing animals and monster, to awaken from their hibernation. Poking their heads out from trees and from under the earth. Birds began to sing once more.

Then there was silence, as the earth began to tremble. Birds took flight from the crater, as the ice started to crack and pop. Great cracks began to show in the ice, splitting it apart. The ice began to glow a white glow, the earth growing more unstable by the second.

Two pin pricks of green light began to show within the white, both lights growing brighter and bright. As the white began to become more dim.

Then as soon as it started, the commotion stopped. The green lights growing brighter and stronger, as the whe began to weaken and dim. When suddenly the ice exploded from the Crater shaking the ground, making it hard to see through the dust created by the broken ice.

The dust swirled, and slowly feel back to the ground covering it once more. And there floating in the air, a masked man who breathed heavily. He looked to the sky and shouted. With each second he grew louder as a portal began to open above him.

"I have awakened!" He thought to himself.

"The Reverie... The Great Knight has returned." he thought once more and ascend into the portal.

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Sir Sephiroth
Sir Sephiroth
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Re: The Awakening

Post by Captain Jack on Sun Dec 16, 2012 2:23 pm

Welcome! again. been a long time. good to see original members back

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Captain Jack
Captain Jack

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