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Leon Blackwell {human}

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Leon Blackwell {human}

Post by Captain Jack on Sun Dec 09, 2012 11:04 am

Name of your Character: Leon Blackwell

Race: Human

Age: 28

Personality: random and dark humored.

Appearance: Often armed to the teeth with a greatsword strapped on his back and a sword and pistol attached to his belt. Leon often come off rougher than he is. Not that he doesnt mind, people tend to leave him be, because of this. A tall and well build man, fiery red hair, often long, he also has grown to having a beard as it makes for disguising himself easy.

Wears a crimson grand coat trimmed neatly with black. Big black boots shined every day. He is a handsome man but one that puts off an air of danger.

Weapons/Fighting Style:

Greatsword: A large two handed weapon that is made out of black volcanic iron. Imbued with several magical ruins, Not only can Leon use it as sword, He can use it as a spell casting weapon.

One handed sword and pistol: You know as back ups, always have a backup plan my ol captain used to say.

Special Ability:
Master illusionist, Able to create clones of himself out of thin air. These clones act independently of themselves and of Leon. Able to use both physical and magical attacks. Even though the copies only last about 20 seconds,and he can only summon 3 of them at a time. He can use this ability as often as the magical toll allows. Though he prefers to keep it as an element of surprise.

Background: Once the first mate of a sky Pirate known as The Blackheart, he sailed through the sky and air's pillaging and plundering. Until the ship met an utter demise. Some how Leon was the only one to survive. Now he spends his days as a mercenary lending his sword to anyone that needs it and those who have the cash to afford him.

Believe that any thing you Imagine. You can make it Real

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