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Post by Captain Jack on Mon Dec 05, 2011 10:25 am

Created By Mari Bryn

Name of Job: Ranger

Traits: The ranger is proficient at both Ranged and melee combat preferring bows and knives over swords or spells. The Ranger also has an innate knowledge of the forest and a kinship with most types of animals.

Pathfinder-The ranger can find the safest route through any obstacle weather it's a swamp or a dungeon.

Sure Shot-Increases the range and accuracy of all shots the ranger fires

Herbalist-The ranger has a basic knowledge of all plants knowing which ones can cure, and which ones can kill.

Quick Silver-Allows the ranger to use their knife at speeds difficult to follow. Allowing the ranger to get close to their opponent before most opponents can raise their weapon.

Shadow Hunter-Through years of practice the ranger can practically turn invisible in almost any shadow allowing them to ambush unsuspecting prey

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