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Post by Captain Jack on Mon Dec 05, 2011 10:23 am

Created By Mari Bryn and Harin

Name of Race: Lawen

Skin color: Varies similar to human skin tones.

Facial Characteristics:
The faces tend to be more angular than that of humans with arched eyebrows and their ears are pointed. Some have ears that are subtly pointed others are very noticeable.

Other Characteristics:
The Lawen age very slowly about 1/10th the rate of a human once they reach maturity which for a Lawen is around 16. The oldest Lawen is currently 907.
Lawen tend to live up in the tops of the forests, because of this they weigh about half of what a human with the same build weighs so they can live in higher branches.

Agility and Speed
Night Vision
Spirit Sense-They can detect other living things around them better than other races.

They are not always as strong as other races allowing their speed and agility to make up for brute strength.
Their bones are less dense than those of humans and tend to break easier.

The Lawen are typically logical, they tend to view a problem from multiple angles before just jumping in. Family and tradition are important to them and they strive to maintain their culture.

History: No one knows where the Lawen came from, they may have always been here, hiding among the tree tops. It's only been in the last twenty years or so that a few Lawen have been venturing out to live among the other races. The Lawen have a strong sense of ritual and tradition and believe that every living thing has a spirit linking it to the rest of the world and to the great spirits that watch over the land. They believe a spirit realm lies parallel to our own realm and a few Lawen can tap into that realm.

Other: Lawen have their own language that they use for rituals and very formal occasions but they tend to converse in the common tongue.

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