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Rioshi Val'Zanarukando Yevon

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Rioshi Val'Zanarukando Yevon

Post by Rioshi on Mon Mar 14, 2011 11:05 pm

The Curse of Yevon

Character Profile:

"Is this truly the Dream my father envisioned, or has Spira become Sin's Nightmare?"

UserName: Rioshi
Name: Rioshi Val'Zanarukando Yevon
Age: 20
Race: Human
Jobclass: Mage
Two Skills:

Mental set 1 meditation

Elemental set 3 light/dark heal

Guild: Undecided

White hair tipped with shadow streaked ends, the legacy of the city that never sleeps has drawn out well with him during stasis in the underwater ruins of the hidden Aeon Temple. Fair complexion, weak yet courageous- he can be easily broken like any other summoner if you can get past his guardians. That said, his radiant blue eyes never seem to stop piercing the skies, and as part of the Yevon family he has the ability to possess aeons which drastically change his appearance. However, given the wear of stasis seals placed upon him for so long over the centuries, he is rather pale and lithe as a result.

Rioshi was always considered something of a cold fish by his classmates. His personally was distant, and exacting. While he was some what taller and weaker than the other children his age, he was also quite brilliant in his own way. He excelled in academics marking him as a promising candidate for the Summoning University in Zanarkand like his father.


Insight into his Personality:

Rioshi was always considered something of a cold fish by his classmates. His personally was distant, and exacting. While he was some what taller and weaker than the other children his age, he was also quite brilliant in his own way. He excelled in academics marking him as a promising candidate for the Summoning University in Zanarkand like his father.

His eldest brother Imil always looked after him when he was bullied as a child. This was likely what caused his elder sister Yunalesca to grow secretly resentful and jealous of his both academic prowess and the praise he gained from their parents. For his own part Rioshi understood his sister Yunalesca's jealousy as he himself was jealous of Yunalesca's easy manner with her many friends, and Imil's sporting nature. In response Rioshi mainly ignored the torments Yunalesca would put him under, never complaining of it to his parents, and focused harder on his studies.

Then came the day of war when Rioshi's world was rent asunder. His father and brother Imil were lost in the conflict that day, Imil becoming the catalyst for the first Sin. Yunalesca as the new heir apparent of his father's estates and position began making inroads against Rioshi. Using her social contacts to insinuate that Rioshi was involving himself with dark powers. It didn't help Neil's case any that somehow Yunalesca had guessed or discovered the truth, and that his studies had recently been directed along those very lines of inquiry while on tour in the Island of Baaj to understand the nature of the ionic temples known as Anima's Cradle.

With the passing of his mother after her suicide, Rioshi found himself even more distant from anyone. As Yunalesca solidified her hold over the family estates and her father's former position, an investigation into the accusations against Rioshi turned up condemning evidence of planted dark dealings. An icy chill set in Rioshi's heart the day he was dismissed from the Summoning University and heard that he was to be sealed to prevent his action against Yunalesca's demands that only with Sin could the dream of a new Zanarkand be born.

Rioshi decided to turn away from the dark view that everyone viewed him as being, lamenting sadly his fate as the fiend summoners pounded at the inner solace of Baaj to seal him away. However, he didn't hate Yunalesca for it. She had seen a false truth of him in denying sending Spira into a cycle of death earlier than the rest is all, and helped set him on his current path.

Only Bevelle saw the glint of what he could have been anymore. Seizing the advantage when he was sealed, the last thing he remembered in his capsule before awakening against was a machina ambush on the Fiend Summoners that sent him deep into slumber- falling endlessly into the dark depths of Baaj for centuries and solidifying his personality in the ruins of time.


One thousand years before the events of Final Fantasy X, Zanarkand was at war with Bevelle, a strong military power which used mechanical technology to build weapons (Zanarkand's machines were used solely to power the city). Unwilling to let Zanarkand die in defeat, Yu Yevon had all the surviving citizens turn themselves into Fayth and began a massive group summoning of the city, one that never slept. In order to protect himself, he gathered a multitude of pyreflies and transformed them into an armor which became the monster, Sin.

Yu Yevon gave this creature a set of very simple instructions: destroy any machina or settlement which grew larger than a small village in order to bring technical evolution to a halt, and retaliate to all hostility with extreme prejudice. However, the strain on summoning both Sin and maintaining his beloved Dream Zanarkand proved too much, even for his abilities. His humanity soon faded and Sin was left as a force relying solely on instinct and to comply with the instructions given to it upon creation. Sin's first act as such was to destroy the real Zanarkand. The armies of Bevelle saw this destruction and retreated, bringing the first news of the great monster. According to the Fayth who continuously summon Dream Zanarkand, Yu Yevon is neither good nor evil. His existence only has one purpose; to summon his armor known as Sin, which is why he is drawn to the Final Aeon when his former armor has been destroyed, and to maintain Dream Zanarkand.

Shortly before creating Sin, Yu Yevon informed Yunalesca of his plan and gave her a means of calming the creature. Yunalesca passed this knowledge on to the leaders of Bevelle, thus beginning the teachings of Yevon and the endless spiral of death that surrounds Spira.

Every time a Summoner destroyed Sin, the Aeon used for the Final Summoning would be possessed by Yu Yevon and used to rebuild Sin. Due to the absence of Sin's destructive abilities while Yu Yevon was rebuilding his armor, the period of time after its defeat was known as the Calm. Yu Yevon continued to use this process to renew Sin time and time again, with the Calm being the only motivation for new summoners to undertake the pilgrimage.

It is now a thousand years to the day since the birth of Sin, and an ancient underwater temple used to house the last of the Yevon family's Aeons has finally been knocked loose from the wreckage by an Al Bhed expedition. Rioshi Val'Zanarukando Yevon is trapped inside, and the mechanical wiz Rikku has just opened the stasis capsule covered with Yevon's holy seals. Imagine her surprise at seeing the royal crest upon the robes of the man who fell before her from the case!

  • Held in sealed stasis since his father's descent into madness from the strain of summoning Dream Zanarkand and the armor of Sin at the same time to defend from Bevelle's machina attacks.
  • Awoke a thousand years later to a new Spira, yet was trained by his father alongside Lady Yunalesca to high proficiency in the art of summoning and is barely able to survive. While Jecht and Seymour filled the roles of personal antagonists for Tidus and Yuna, his father Yu Yevon's mind simply broke from the strain of summoning and so his son seeks to find Lady Yunaesca and confront Yu in his madness.
  • In some respects, the Yevon Famiy can be considered a tragic fate: A man lost for a thousand years to everything he knows is dead and gone. A sister who has spent millenia feeding souls to their father's obsession. And Yu who is literally incapable of stopping what he is doing. His mind is so shattered he can't even die. Thus Rioshi seeks to learn and master every summon until being able to draw upon Sin itself from his father and end the cycle by placing himself as it's victim- But will the undead Lady Yunalesca intervene...?

Yevon Family Possession
Having been the prime art of summoning against the Bevelle Machinations, the Yevon Family has long held the art of possession as an invaluable tool in understanding their sent Fayth and the Aeons they possess.

High Summoning
As a well trained summoner based on the final fantasy Spira prior to summoners being devoured by Yu Yevon, he excels in the performance of bringing into our world that which is not our own. However, due to most of the Zanarkand Fayth having powered Dream Zanarkand, it will be up to him to meet and address the new Fayth of the modern world.

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Re: Rioshi Val'Zanarukando Yevon

Post by Captain Jack on Tue Mar 15, 2011 11:10 am

OK!!! Ive cleaned up the profile. and made it fit with the system.

You are now part of the system. this means you can Level and gain more skills, be able to purchase items and powerful materia.

The more you post the more you gain in level.

If you have any questions. I am refering you to Mother Yackle (she handles HR not me. im to crazy for the public eyes.)

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