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Timelines in Spira

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Timelines in Spira

Post by Captain Jack on Mon Mar 14, 2011 10:51 pm


Timelines in Spira

"Tell me my dear, if Zanarkand was destroyed a thousand years ago, do you know why the arrival of Sin was heralded a hundred years before the year zero in the Ante Calm period?

No? Allow me to expand m'lady. Gents, if you would? It all began a hundred years prior to Sin with a declaration of war.

Ah yes. Now, as many are not so feverent to believe under the teachings of Yevon, Bevelle was not always a religious center. No indeed! In fact, they were the most powerful Machina builders in all the lands- and they had their eyes on a certain city of lights far to the north of Spira.

The story goes that Bevelle had openly declared war on the peoples of a distant land of Zanarkand for their summoning secrets. With the overwhelming force of arms already holding their allied Floating City of Gagazet hostage, the weapons of Bevelle were poised to strike upon Zanarkand back a hundred years before Sin even existed.

Ah, but this was the churning point, the creme de la creme of war! Already drawing upon the massive population of Remiem that once spanned the entire calm lands as their ally, Bevelle spent 20 years conquering Gagazet in a massive war that threatened to drive the mighty Ronso Clan humans from their peaks. Believing their allies to have forsaken them in their time of need, it would later be for this reason that Sin's taint transformed the Ronso into their ferocious counterparts today.

But ah, I'm getting ahead of myself. 80 years before the arrival of Sin and Gagazet had been conquered, enemy soldiers gathering upon the breadth of the majestic city of lights to seize control.

For the next 10 years, the city was slowly starved from the outside world, it's summoners drawing thin as Bevelle slowly consumed the outlying territories of the Kilikan Fire Coast and the mighty capital of Besaid. (Luca was still a small trading village that would be the only place to survive to see the first calm, you have to understand.) The Bevelle Empire's blockade soon stretched between the two primary surviving powers with the weakened Macalania Matroness' surrender leaving only the Bikanel Fortress Continent and the Zanarkand Territories. Unbeknownst to them, the summoners of Zanarkand had been supported by the Djose and Baaj until their defeat some 40 years later, but that's beside the point. Thing is, slowly the surviving opponents to Bevelle's rule were conquered until 30 Ante Sin- a mere thirty years left for Yu Yevon to plot his ultimate defense against an entire world falling upon them en masse.

Finally, the day came, a report from their few summoning divisions noting that only the Bikanel Al Bhed Fortress Continent was still standing. They were lost, no allies left in the world save one on the far opposite end of Spira.

A few are unaware of what transpired next. Some say Yu Yevon brought down the wrath of Sin for mankind's transgression in using machina and Bevelle quickly changed into a priestly guide for the pure and innocent in this world. Others still say Yu Yevon sacrificed the remaining starved peoples of Zanarkand into Fayth to power the greatest undying summon of all time.

Yet there are those small few, who hinted that Sin was only a distraction- a defense gone horribly awry to save a form of Zanarkand dreamed up; one that had never received word of Bevelle's treacherous expansion. It consumed Yu Yevon; It broke him and turned Spira into a spiral of death. And the only ones left to tell the tale were held tooth and claw by Lady Yunalesca- with her knowledge of the Final Aeon to force them to follow the Yevon Clan's Teachings.

An even smaller few tell the tale that there was yet another soul- one who was son to Yu Yevon but was sealed away in Baaj Island by his sister when Yu went mad.

But that, as they say, was that."

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