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Post by Atnem on Fri Oct 22, 2010 5:00 pm

Main Characters Name: Atnem Mackey

Secondary Name: Refuses to give his real name. Goes by Hunter.

Age: Vampirism has frozen his aging to his 30's.

Race: Half-Vampire

Appearance: Hunter wears a long jacket and pants with a hat similar to Atnem's to minimize the amount of sunlight that touches his skin, and to hide his vampiric appearance from himself. Shiny bangles hang from his neck, belt, and bandolier.

Personality: Serious. Greatly contrasts both Atnem and Maggie.

Fighting Description: Carries a rapier for close combat. A large collection of handguns, loaded with a selection of bullets specialized for different unholy beasts, is hidden in his jacket. In addition to weapons, he carries a number of holy items including holy water, crosses, stakes, and bibles. Despite all this gear, he still manages to be light on his feet, engaging in hand to hand battle when necessary, and getting back to distance when viable.

History: Hunter was born and raised a human and taught to hunt unholy beings, including vampires. He was bitten during a fight with a vampire. He was able to fight with his holy techniques and his own extreme amount of willpower to keep the vampirism from completely infecting him. He continues his work, trying to ignore the vampire within him.
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Re: "Hunter"

Post by Captain Jack on Fri Oct 22, 2010 9:56 pm


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