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Takano Kaidi ( Juss)

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Takano Kaidi ( Juss)

Post by Juss on Sun Jul 11, 2010 6:02 am

Main Characters Name: Ryoko Kuroshiro
Secondary Name: Kaidi Takano
Age: 55
Race: Human
Apperance: Despite her age, she still looks attractive. Her hair is long and blond, her eyes are brown. She has a beautiful straight nose and small eyebrows. Quite often her cheeks are coloured in pink and her lips are relatively pinkish. Her breast is bigger than average and her body is in perfect athletic shape. Although every here and there you can see reflections of age like the old skin. If one would see her naked, one would notice a lot of sword scars on her body.

Personality: She is a quite well mannered lady. Although, she can be extremely strict and harsh on one, reminding more of a cold hearted killer than a lady.

Fighting Description: Mainly, she fights by the ways of sword. She loves to have duels where there are no tricks, just she, her sword and her enemy with his sword. Although, this isn't often the case and that's why she is capable of quite a bit of creativity in her battle style. Also, she is a master of stealth.
NB! Her age has huge effect on her endurance.

History: Being born to the Takano family, a family whose only purpose is to protect and serve Kuroshiro's till their death without any questions, she was trained to become a highly skilled ninja. At the age of 16, she was chosen as Ryoko Kuroshiro's servant and later as his bodyguard. From that point on, her life has had only one mission, being a loyal servant of Ryoko.
Although its worth mentioning that at some point in her life, there was a lovestory between Ryoko and her.
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Re: Takano Kaidi ( Juss)

Post by Captain Jack on Mon Aug 16, 2010 8:05 pm

ermmmmm.... Clean up the sexual language a bit in your description....

Also as a secondary she cannot affect other storylines but your own. Powers Can only be used on Enemy NPCs for more info on what a Second Can and cannot do. Please refer to these rules.

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