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Breakers (Limited Class)

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Breakers (Limited Class)

Post by Mari Bryn on Thu Jul 01, 2010 2:55 pm

Job Class: Breakers (Limited Class)

Description:Breakers are one of the most fearful fighters out there. Known for their great speed and attack strength. They Use a unique weapon called a Break Sword Which seemingly has a mind of its own, Having the ability to separate into to separate swords.

Weapons Specialty: Break Sword, any armour, no sheilds

Basic Skills:

Offensive skill 1 Breakers Fury
Unleash a devastating series of rapid fire attacks.

Offensive Skill 2 Aerial Dive
Knock your opponent up then bash them back down to the ground.

Defensive Skill 1 Gust
Unleash powerful gusts of wind at your opponents to knock them off balance.

Defensive Skill 2 Sheild
Form your sword into a sheild before you to absorb your opponents attacks making your sword even stronger

Secondary Skills:

Offensive Skill 3 Breakers Beam
Harness the energy of your blade to unleash a stream of energy straight at your opponent.

Offensive Skill 4 Dash
Run at your enemy quicker than a heart beat cutting them before they can even register you moved.

Defensive Skill 3 Shock
Slam your blade into the ground emenating our shock waves to drive your enemies back.

Defensive Skill 4 Awe
Release the energy of your blade in a flash to blind and disorient your opponents

Ultimate Skills:

Ultimate Offensive Breakers Drive
A rapid fire succesion of Aerial Dive, Breakers Beam, dash and a finale thrust straight through the chest of your enemy.

Ultimate Defensive Breakers Bless
Your sword releases a field of energy around you reflecting back all attacks tenfold to their originator

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