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Black Mage

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Black Mage

Post by Mari Bryn on Thu Jul 01, 2010 2:10 pm

Job Class: Black Mage

Description: As a Black mage you can embrace the world of Magic like no other. Using the elements as your playthings you use magic attack and Defense. Physically weak but mentally Strong. You hold extremely strong magics, Far surpassing those giving by materia. Its a good thing your on the side of good... at least i Hope you are.

Element Set 1 Water/Air
Water Whip-Control The water around around you to form a fearsome whip to scourge your enemies

Sheild-Compress the Air around you to form a nigh impenetrable shield.

Element Set 2 Earth/Fire

Earthquake-Cause the ground itself to tremble under your mighty power upsetting your enemies and changin the land around you.

Fire Scathe- Send a blast of Fire out from you pushing back and burning your foes

Element Set Water/Air
Tsunami- Combine the forces of water and Air to buffet your enemies with wind and rain cutting their visibility, movement and endurance.

Element Set Earth/Fire
Eruption- Send Flaming balls of molten earth down upon your Enemies heads crushing and or burning them in little time.

Meteor: Only the most powerful and wise Black Mages have this ability. It has been entrusted to you Use it wisely as it may cause the destruction of your world.

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Mari Bryn
Mari Bryn

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Re: Black Mage

Post by Captain Jack on Thu Dec 01, 2011 9:33 pm

Revamped and Finalized Dec '11

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Captain Jack

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