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Amarus Coral!

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Amarus Coral!

Post by Juss on Wed Mar 18, 2009 2:46 am

Name – Amarus Coral

Title – The master of Assassins!/The Bandit no.1/Most wanted thief in Lindblum!

Alignment – Neutral

Race – Human > Natural Powerhouse: His bloodline is very capable in terms of Physical powers without any special training.
> Blood of Mage : Thanks to his blood he is capable of using magic naturally without any special items or training.
Gender – Male

Age – 58 ( Tho he looks something around 30)

Appearance –
Like this

Attire – He likes to wear his bandit clothes or a stylish uniform.

Personality – He is a lone wolf in many cases. He is very cold and calm, all the time. He likes to fight and enjoys killing. There are probably only two things that make him care about: Money and the guy who pays money! He is easily ready to give his life for right amount of gold. He is also a good joker and a genius in terms of thinking. Also he is very strong-willed and never gives up.

First Impression – Probably it will be quite scary and fearful due to his look and cold attitude.

Strength – It is quite high due to his bloodline of Coral family and due to his high battle experience. He can't burst down walls but he can easily deal tons of damage with the help of his claws.

Speed – This is the category where he shines. He is freaking fast, probably fast enough to deal dozens of combos in mere seconds. He has very good reactions and sense of room.

Endurance – Probably he can last as long as one would presume. He is very strong willed and so never gives up. He would live quite a lot hard punches and spells.

Reflexes – Those are very high, tho he might not be able to dodge a direct shot. But he is able to dodge many spells and hits.

Fighting Style – Well if there is a section where he starts cheating, this is the place. He uses all kind of tricks and lame attacks. Besides the tricks, he likes to rely on his huge speed and endless charging at his enemy. He might even damage himself to harm his enemy.

Weapons – Two long and sharp claws which easily cut trough the flesh and bones.

Armour – Bandit outfit. It doesn't give high defense but is better than nothing and lets one move at higher speed.

Abilities –
Suicide cut: When he has hit his enemy before and has enemies blood on his claws, he might damage himself and his enemy will get the damage he got doubled.
Triple cut: That's quite a lame trick. He swings with both of his hands and the moment you get ready to block or dodge, a third magical hand appears from his back and slashes you. This is very hard to be blocked at first usage but later one might presume it's location. Tho the hand might appear from his hand or from leg or other places.
Dash: He is able to dash at very high speed for a short duration. Less than a second for each dash and each dash he might move up to 10 meters.
Flash: He is able to flash from one location to another. Tho he tends to run for most of the time.
Black charge: He combines his claws with dark energy and starts attacking. Every slash which he does releases a wave of darkness and this means he can do long range attacks easily. The attacks are very deadly when they are done in cqc.
Wave of Death: Probably his most devastating combo. He turns in to some kind of berserk's mode and starts moving at very high speed trough unpredictable roads and while he starts moving around you, he starts slashing with his claws at every possible location. It is almost impossible to be countered. Only way is to use an aoe attack against it or just escape.

BTW! He has more attacks in some situations. It depends on the RP/RPB he is taking part of.

Magic – He is master of blue magic. That means he can use very tricky magic but he rarely does it. Otherwise he is a hybrid. He is able to use up to level 3 elemental magic but that's all. It must be stated that even if he can use lvl 3 elemental magic, the attacks are rather weak when compared to a black mage. Still they can harm you a lot in case of a direct hit.

Other Skills –
Four Handed Berserk: If he is going to lose, he might use it. Two more arms will come out from his back and will use katanas. It will boost his ability to block and hit but will lower his speed a bit.

History – This depends on RPB/RP he is taking part of. But the similar part will be always like this: He was the son of legendary Amarant Coral. From his early years he was trained by the best. Around his 20's he started working as an assassin and soon created an assassins guild.
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Re: Amarus Coral!

Post by Tidus on Wed Mar 18, 2009 6:04 pm

Seems as you can't accept your own characters, even thought you are a mod, this character is ACCEPTED.
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