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Stephen Hownam. . . One of many variations

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Stephen Hownam. . . One of many variations

Post by Tidus on Tue Mar 17, 2009 12:11 pm

Name: Stephen Hownam
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Title: The holy Elementalist
Peronality: Stephen is a loving husband and Father figure (see history) and cares for his family vary much, willind to do anything for them. Stephen is extremely determined and when he sets his mind to a task he will get it done, weather it costs him his life or not. Willing to protect his family at any cost Stephen will always stand up for the things he loves and what he feels is right.

Stephen uses two weapons, the First is a laser sighted Baretta M9 pistol, loaded with Regular armour piercing bullets that can cut through a wall of 5 inch thick Steel plateing like a ot knife through butter. It is holstered to his right thigh, he has five spare Magazines that all hold 15 bullets.

The other weapon is a Dragunov Sniper rifle that hangs on his back. Also equipped with armour piercing bullets similar to the beretta bullets, but due to the larger calibur and greater power of the Rifle, they can cut through 10 Inches of Steel. The rifle holds 20 bullets per Magazine and Stephen carries around 2 spare clips.

Abilities: Stephen has complete control over the Holy element and can cast some of the greatest of Spells with the greatest of ease. but never uses his powers unless it is absolutely necessary.

History: born into a family of magic users Stephen didn't like the fact of his family used magic for almost Everything. Stephen tried to deny his heritage, but when his father, and previous Holy elementalist, Stephen was bestowed with the elementalist power as his fathers last wish to the gods. Stephen then began practicing so the powers wouldn't be taken by force from him, and he promised not to allow the only momento of his father to be taken from him.

As Stephen grew older, his powers grew stronger, and on his 16 birthday, he began training with firearms on his family farm, whenever one of the Animal's needed Slaughtering he would load up his Rifle and take a shot at the beast, instead of taking the animals to the crewel slaughter house. at 17 his mother died of Caner and Stephen was left to run the farm and look after his 4 month old younger sister, but he wasn't alone, His long term Girlfriend moved in with him and helped Stephen through his hard times, and with his sister.

During their time living together Stephen and jess became closer than most couples and on Jess's 18th Birthday Stephen proposed to her and they got married in December of the previous year. Stephen and Jess agreed that it would be better for cassidy if they told her that she was their child, they don't want her to feel the pain of loosing her mother and father as Stephen did.
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Re: Stephen Hownam. . . One of many variations

Post by Juss on Tue Mar 17, 2009 2:46 pm

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