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Behind the Scenes: The Birth of a Home

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Behind the Scenes: The Birth of a Home

Post by Captain Jack on Wed Mar 24, 2010 1:41 pm

First of all always be ware of zombies. Brains!!

Any ways this Time on Behind the Scenes, we explore the birth of Final fantasy Reverie's Beginnings and see what FFR has became today.

A humble desire....
An honest Dream...
A place I can call Home....

These are the words that stuck in my mind. As I broke free from my chains. I wished to embark on a new journey to create something much more than just another "cookie cutter" Final fantasy site. I wanted to create a place where all were welcome and could call this place home.

Its been a rough ride, and the trials that this site has been through are numerous. From traitorous Members of my staff to vast inactivity, FFR has continued to strive forward. Always rising from the flames, reborn and renewed. I created FFR with the intention that its members as well as staff have a voice that is heard, and that they will always find something fun and interesting to do. This place is truly something that if you let it will become a fiber of your very being. A true home a home for the soul.

While we still work through our trials we continue to look to the horizon as never before. Untold confidence has been born from this sites inner being. And so I look upon this site proud and amazed that all its been through, we still remain. Perhaps its true that love shall weather all storms.

This is your home and my souls home

~Kitsuke I rule

Believe that any thing you Imagine. You can make it Real

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