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Rules of Our Worlds!

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Rules of Our Worlds!

Post by Juss on Tue Mar 17, 2009 8:35 am

1) No God-Modding :
God-modding is controlling other people characters without the permission of character owner. For ex. my character is named Harry and Chris'es char is named Rob. And then I post: ''Harry wiped out Chris'es head''. Well if I don't have permission from Chris to do it, it is god-modding. The trick is that you have to let the end of your attack open ... for ex. ''Harry swung his sword towards Chris neck.'' And after that Chris answers with this post:'' The sword cut Chris'es head.'' That's how it should be done in case where you don't have the permission from character owner Wink

2) No Power-playing :
Amount of power playing depends on RP and RPB-s. Some allow more, some not at all. Power playing is making your character too powerful or even immortal. For ex. when you are a true god in terms of sword art, you probably will be very bad at magic or archery but if one is all mighty in all of those categories, he is power-playing. ( This depends on RP, but most of the time try to follow rules of physics).

3) No Spamming or flaming :
Without spamming and flaming the RP-s will have better atmosphere and are more enjoyable. ( Double Posting is allowed in case if your last post is over 1000 words due to words limit).

4) Keep OOC in IC low:
While it is acceptable to post Out-of-character content (OOC for short, this is basically when YOU are talking to members instead of the character) in an RP itself, keeping the amount low is necessary. After all there are or should be OOC threads for every quality RP. Posting a lot of OOC stuff makes the RP harder to read and may annoy others.

5) Sign up threads go to Our Worlds OOC and RP itself goes to Our World IC subforums!

6) Our Worlds is the home of Original Roleplays. This means that any RP-s that are based on a book/manga/TV Show/movie etc. are not tolerated here and will be moved to Their Worlds.
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