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Challenging Gerbuldian!

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Challenging Gerbuldian!

Post by Juss on Tue Mar 17, 2009 3:31 am

Well I would like to have a fight against Gerbuldian!

Theme: Final Fantasy - Catch me If you can
Location: Lindblum from FF IX
Description: Well Lindblum is kind of a big city with different areas. You can come up with places etc.

Have a approved RPB charater( Need to do one for myself as well ...) or make a profile to this thread!
Have a melee character ( No mages this time ... if you are able to use magic, it should be limited - Like Shera was at first)

Fight description:
Well it will be a catch me if you can type of battle. I will be playing a thief/assassin and you have to catch me and kill me. But it wont be easy as I am quite good runner and even if you catch me, I will give a good fight. You lose when I manage to escape Lindblum, you win if you kill me Very Happy You are allowed to use two units of 25 Lindblum guards to block exits etc. The chase will start from Lindblum Grand Castle. I will be in front of cabin station and you in the airship dock so I have a little chance to get away Very Happy

So you accept right? Very Happy
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