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The Forgotten Past Pt.2

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The Forgotten Past Pt.2

Post by Captain Jack on Mon Oct 26, 2009 10:09 pm

Jack appeared suddenly. He felt the cold wind whip across his face. He looked around at the long forgotten place. The place where The Rift was sealing long misplaced worlds.

This place was know as the worlds end.

Stand at the cusp of worlds end.
the cursed one you bear
sword of legend in one hand
stone of truth in the other
Joined as one, True power
sever the ties binding
and unleash your true destiny

Jack walked towards the shrine. In each hand he held a sword and a stone. The curse he bore raged within him as he walked towards the cusp of the Worlds.

He placed the sword on the shrine and held the stone high into the air. "In Death undying, i release thine ties, to open the way to worlds unknown." Jack spoke loudly, a blast of wind ripped around him and the shrine. "A troubled soul and loving heart, a sword of legend, and a Stone of Truth. Bring forth the Doors of Ages and release thine locks." Jack continued to speak four doors appeared. and a voice boomed out of nowhere.

"Thine seeker of light, thine troubled soul.
Here are the doors you seek. Now speak the names.
Of worlds long Forgot."

Jack stood tall and proud and spoke loudly " I seek the worlds of Terra, Spira, Ivalice, and Gaia. As the bearer of the key, i command thee release thine ties and unlock the way."

The Doors unlocked and the worlds end released its power.

"Bearer of the key, my welcomed master. the way has been opened for you and the rest of the worlds. Travel far and wide, find the truth you seek and unleash your destiny."

Believe that any thing you Imagine. You can make it Real

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