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Left 4 Dead

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Left 4 Dead

Post by Godspeed on Wed Oct 21, 2009 7:19 am

In my brother's opinion, this is one of the best games ever. I think its awesome. Everytime you play a level, everything changes. Med Kits change places, Ammunition and Weapons are moved. The type of Infected change as well. A quick table of Infected is:

Common/Horde: They're normal humans infected by the virus, they are unusually fast, and loud noises attract them.

Hunter: These nasties scream as they pounce long distances, landing on survivors before trying to claw the life out of them.

Smoker: These tall Infected have very long tongues in which they use to drag Survivors long distances. You know when one is around when you hear choking noises.

Tank: These things are insane. They have huge amounts of health, and they're very large. If they punch you, you are sent flying. The whole team needs to team up to take this bad boy down. You know when they're around because the ground shakes.

Witch: These woman-like infected just sit on the ground, crying, which is how you know when they are around. They are startled by loud noises and flashlights. They are insanely fast and insanely strong.

That is just a quick run-down of the enemies. What do you think of the game?

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