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Sigil Hunting

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Sigil Hunting

Post by Guest on Tue Sep 22, 2009 1:24 pm

Ok, so here I want to provide and gain some advice for acquiring these key items...

So let's go through the sigils:

Wakka's Jupiter sigil: Just train your blitzball characters, recruit better characters too and you'll be able to walk all over Blitzball Smile I find Tidus is an excellent scorer, especially if you have the Jecht Shot, you can take out 2 of the opposing team if they block you and you chose "No break" no need to let them tackle you this shot takes great care of them Smile You may also find the Sphere Shot usefl, since you can get a nice boost to the Shoot statistic, it can give you a greater boost than the jecht shot and this has saved the day for me before as well.

Lulu's Venus Sigil: Ok this one can be a little lengthy and repetitive, I just tend to equip a piece of armour that grants the No Encounters ability. You count the strikes as you dodge them, I find taking a brief break after 10 strikes helps to keep your focus... Remeber going to the travel angel or examining a save sphere is out of the question... But pausing the game (Start button) is fair game Smile

Yuna's Moon Sigil: Ok you just goota make sure you gain all 8 Aeon's and then defeat all of Belgemine's Aeon's at Remiem temple. But there isn't really much that can be said in the way of a strategy for this one.

Auron's Mars Sigil: Again not much can be said for a strategy, just get capturing all those fiends and you'll get this before you know it... You have capture enough fiends to have created 10 different types of fiends... This can be species or area quests.

Rikku's Mercury Sigil: You just gotta hunt for the cactuars and then play a little game with them, and then fight them. Wasn't all that difficult either...

Tidus' Sun Sigil: You gotta win the Catcher Chocobo race with a time of under 0.00 seconds. The more balloons you collect the more time gets knocked of your final score, so you gotta be quick and you gots to collect those balloons! But it's not that simple, there are suicidal birds that fly right at you that you gotta dodge, if they hit you you'll loose valuable time! I have never done this myself personally, I got someone else to do this for me last time.

Kimahri's Saturn Sigil: You gotta collect 7 blue butterflies in the North and central areas of Macalania woods after gaining full control of the Airship... You need to complete both areas to gain the fotune of this elusive item... Watch out for the red butterflies... they attract the fiends that make you lose time and you only have 30 seconds to begin with! Now... I can't do this myself either.

Has anyone got any tips on how to make these sigils easier to collect? I'm really needing all the help I can muster for the last 2 I mentioned here!

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