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Was it too easy?

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Was it too easy?

Post by Juss on Wed Aug 05, 2009 9:51 am

So what do you think, was FF IX too easy?

For me, it wasn't too easy as I started playing it when I was around 9 or something and well, back then it was my second FF and I was pretty unfamiliar with RPG's, especially with ff's. But the older I got, the more I noticed that FF IX was just too easy. The boss battles weren't true challenges, besides Ozma and Hades. You didn't need to spend much time on leveling and farming money as you pretty much were able to get trough the game while being totally underdeveloped and with bad gear. So I think it could have been a bit harder, but in the same time, for newcomers it was just the right level Wink
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Re: Was it too easy?

Post by Guest on Wed Aug 05, 2009 10:50 am

I completely agree Juss.. I started young, it was my third FF, but, it was just too easy, for newcomers, yea..its the right level, but i found it less than challenging for the most part, specially, as stated above, the boss battles. >.<

They could of made it alot harder in my opinion, prolly one reason it was underrated by the FF community, cause it was just to easy compared to the other FFs of the time, V up..


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Re: Was it too easy?

Post by Eiko on Sat Aug 15, 2009 3:15 am

I had a hard time playing it at first too.. started playing it when I was young, like you guys hahaha

When I played it the 2nd time it was a breeze.. and now I'm playing it again for like the 986795673846598365th time.. it was too easy but I still like it XD Boss battles are piece of cake now for me LOL. (including Ozzie and Hadie)

I like that it was easy. It didn't make me constipated by equipping characters with equips and abilities.. unlike FF8 and 7 XD
It made me focus on and appreciate the story =D

I still think 9 is the best!

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Re: Was it too easy?

Post by The Doctor on Sat Aug 15, 2009 7:10 pm

I never really thought it was easy, but as far as the main game goes everything since 7 has been easy for me.

I started playing FF when I was 9 years old myself, only I'm a bit older, and The original 8 Bit Nintendo Final Fantasy was released in the US just after my 9th Birthday. Funny thing is, it was the first game I ever bought with money I saved doing chores and what not, and I feel in love with the series.

Here is why I say later games like IX were easier in comparison:

1.) Games that developed a much better story line, like VII VIII and IX, (Even a couple of older ones like IV and VI) could afford to rely less on repetition, and more on developing a full world.

In the original FF you had to walk around aimlessly and level up for freaking ever, just to be able to fight anything. Plus you had to buy magic individually, and gold as it was called then, was impossible to get in any real amounts. You could spend three hours walking aimlessly and still not be able to earn enough to by the spell you were after. Top that off by the fact that even after purchase, you had to level the spells up as well. And to make it all worse; once you maxed a particular magic out, it would be 8 in most cases, you had a little bar that said 8/8 beside the magic, which decreased with each use (7/8 - 6/8 -5/8 so on and such) and once you hit Zero, you couldn't use it anymore unless you used a tent or went to an in. There were nothing like ethers then, because the MP system didn't work like that. Basically what made this bad is that in the final dungeon, you had to fight the four element bosses again, one on each of the last four levels, and then fight the main boss, all this after of course you've traveled down I think 4 levels of random enemies and mazes, all without using magic unless you absolutely had to. That's mainly why even now I hardly ever use magic unless I have to in a game.

2.)Even though the world map was smaller than any of the other games, it was more difficult to travel, as until you get the airship late in the game, you have on foot or by boat, which can be randomly attacked.

Now this isn't a really big deal, except for one thing. The game relyed on a system to prevent you from going to new places before an appropriate time by blocking bridges, or paths blocked with rocks, or any number of things. The down swing to this is if you don't take time and level up before the new area opens, when you step into it the first random attack you have will wipe your party out. Difficulty of random monsters jumped dramatically in this game.

Of course having said all that I think it's a matter of perspective really. To me; games where you can move quickly and in broad areas early on, like VII VIII, IX and X are great, but not as hard, as the game is less about building characters the old D&D way, and more about Rping a story, which is awesome. To me, X is a perfect example; It's a great story, but with little effort you can finish it in about 25 hours; which to older fans of the series is unheard of. However sidequests and what not, increase the challenge a bit and add playing time for true fans.

It isn't that games are getting easier as they go persay, it's just easier to do the things you used to, and new chllanges have stepped in to take the place.
The Doctor

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Re: Was it too easy?

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