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General info!

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General info!

Post by Juss on Fri Mar 13, 2009 12:35 pm

Rp clans are and will be gangs of rp-ers. Each clan will/may have different events and there will be competitions between different clans. Everyone are free to create one but I recommend having some roleplaying experience before doing so. Also one guy can only be in one clan.

What I wait from the clans. Well I am hoping for nice community, help for newcomers, tons of roleplaying, different themes and different battles and taking part of Clan events/competitions.

So in the end, rp clans are/will be:

Homes of nice community
Homes of great roleplayers
Arenas of training and learning
And places to discuss about upcoming Rp-s etc.

So good luck with creating/ruling/joining new clans Smile

Here's the template for clans:

Name:( I think everyone knows what is name)
Alignment: ( Well some clans tend to be evil, some good. Most neutral tho)
Type of Clan: ( Jack of all trades, RPB clan, Fun clan, Training clan etc.)

Rules: ( Your choice)

Extra: Everything else you wish to add Smile
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